Logistics offer for incoming goods

The options available are:

  1. Delivering goods by yourself or arrange the delivery by yourself.

  2. Ask for an offer from Dachser. Dachser delivers globally.
    - For deliveries within Europe, contact: sales.helsinki@dachser.com
    - Dachser Finland Air & Sea Logistics delivers outside Europe.
    Contact: sales.finland-asl@dachser.com
    Dachser can only charge companies registered in Finland. If your company is elsewhere, you can try to locate Dachser, or charge by OGOship Oy.

  3. You can use our contract with DHL.
    - Send us the information below to service@ogoship.com

- What are you delivering
- Where are you delivering from
- Where are you delivering to
- The weight (EUR pallet size, quantity and content)

Note! The arrangement fee for the pick up delivery is charged on the difficulty degree.

Here are warehouse locations and addresses.