Pick-up by OGOship

OGOship can also arrange for pick-ups from suppliers on behalf of our customers. OGOship has excellent freight contracts also for incoming goods from anywhere around the world.

The pick-ups are done by the freight partners of OGOship e.g. DHL. 

This is how you should proceed:

  1. Contact OGOship's customer support and ask for a pick-up. Do this via email: service@ogoship.com
  2. OGOship will ask for more information regarding the shipment
  3. We will send you a price estimation for the pick up
  4. After accepting, we will arrange for the pick-up.

Please remember that the price given for the pick-up is an offer received from the freight company, the partner of OGOship. If the weight, size etc. differs from the given specifications, the final price may vary. 

The price for arranging pick-ups is calculated as follow:

  • Actual freight cost
  • OGOship's service cost EUR 20 / pick-up.
  • If further paperwork is required, the normal administrative hourly cost is applied (please see price list for the current price).


Needed information

Please provide the following information when requesting for a pick-up.

Pick-up within the EU

  • Pick-up address + specific pick-up instructions
  • Contact person name at pick-up address
  • Contact person phone at pick-up address
  • Contact person email at pick-up address
  • Number of parcels / amount of pallets
  • Weight per parcel / weight per pallet
  • Exact dimensions per parcel / per pallet (e.g. 30x20x20 cm)
  • Total weight of shipment

Pick-up outside the EU

In addition to the information above, outside EU pick-ups require also the following information:

  • Total value / purchase price of shipment
  • Trade invoice in PDF format where the total price is shown
  • General contents of the shipment with two words e.g. "children's shoes".