Warehouse locations and addresses

Below you can find a list of OGOship warehouses. When shipping incoming shipments to the warehouse, please use the address format as listed below.

Please use your official company name when shipping to us. Also please use our official local company name after the "c/o" marking. The name of your company should be the main receiver of the shipment because:

  • the customs officials (if the shipment is coming outside the EU) need the official company name and
  • the freight company can contact the right company if there are problems with the shipment.

If you only mark down e.g. "OGOship" as the receiver without the "c/o" marking, additional customs or other inquiry work and costs may occur.  Please input your own company's contact email address to an incoming shipment. The freight company can then contact you directly if there are any questions.


Incoming goods are checked in on work days, monday to friday kl. 8-16.


OGOship TLL - Estonia


<Your company name> c/o Gogosend (OGOship)

Liivalao 11
11216 Tallinn

Contact email: <your own email address>
Tel. for delivery company: +372 697 1159

OGOship VNT - Finland


<Your company name> c/o Van&poika (OGOship)

Tiilenpolttajankuja 6
01720 Vantaa

Contact email: <your own email address>
Tel. for delivery company: +358 
40 900 9800

OGOship GOT - Sweden

<Your company name> c/o OGOship, Incorp Väst AB

Brobackavägen 19
44191 Alingsås


Contact email: <your own email address>
Tel. for delivery company: +46 322-64 23 25


OGOship VNL - Netherlands

<Your company name> c/o Dimass Group BV (OGOship)

Roermondseweg 28
6081 NV Haelen

Contact email: <your own email address>
Tel. for delivery company: +31 (0)85-5808888


Checklist for suppliers

When ordering stock directly to our warehouse, it is advisable to remind your suppliers of a few things:

  • There is a product code/sku marked on the products or mentioned in the delivery list.
  • Please make sure that the address is marked correctly on the shipment. See the instructions above per warehouse.
  • If possible, your supplier should add the reference number to the documentation of the shipment from the stock update in myOGO.
  • All shipments need to be delivered to the door of the warehouse. OGOship does not pick up parcels from pickup points.
  • All pallet sized shipments are recommended to be sent on EUR-pallets (120 cm x 80 cm). If goods are sent on other sized pallets we need to transfer the goods manually to an EUR pallet.