PrestaShop instructions

Upload OGOship module to PrestaShop


Go to this website

Download file "" to your computer.

Navigate to "Modules and Services". Click "upload a module". Upload the file to your online store from your computer.

Link myOGO merchant to PrestaShop


If you don't already have one, create an account on myOGO.


Edit merchant settings under the Globe icon => Edit merchant.

Copy Merchant ID and API Secret Token from myOGO Merchant page to OGOship module settings at your online store.

To send products to myOGO, click to export all products to OGOship.

If you don't want to send every product to OGOship, check the box "Do not export to OGOship" at the product shipping page.

Verify integration


Add stock value on product page to demo position for testing.

Now you can read stock value on products page. Loading can take a few minutes.

Click to update the product info from OGOship.

Go to product page to check stock value.

Setting up shipping methods


Once the integration is completed successfully shipping methods at your online store need to be linked to the shipping methods provided at myOGO.

The linking can be done by using the shipping method name or a code that has been set for the shipping method at "edit merchant" page. Enable shipping method from the list and copy the code or name to your online store.

Remember to link every shipping method individually to certain shipping methods at myOGO.


The "*" special character can be used as a wild card in the text or code. E.g.

  1. "DHL*" matches to "DHL-1" and "DHL-test"
  2. "D*L" matches to "DtestL" and "DYL"


After you have shipped physical products to OGOship and stock values are correct, then remember to enable scheduled updates.

Use cron to schedule stock update using this URL

Use your online store URL instead of ""