Editing an order

The fastest and cheapest way to edit the orders is by doing it yourself on myOGO.

The merchant is in charge of the right delivery address and customer info. If you need more guidance, or have any questions, contact our customer service at service@ogoship.com.

All the changes made by customer service are charged based on the price list found on the myOGO first page.


Here are instructions, if you need to edit an order after you have saved it at the "NEW" state for e.g. changing the address or the products.

If the order status is still "NEW", you can change it to "DRAFT" by yourself and modify the order. After you are done, remember to save it back to "NEW".

If the status is "COLLECTING", you need to use the "stop order" command. This will stop the order and the freight document  will not be printed out. 

A text box will open up where you can write the information about why you need to stop the order. If you need to change the products, write the product SKUs to be removed from the order, and what products are replacing them.

If you stop and edit the order before it goes to the freight company, there will be no additional costs for the freight company.

If the order status has recently changed to "SHIPPED" it might still be at the warehouse. Use the "Stop and require action" command and leave a comment that you need to change the order.

Note, there may be some extra costs for the packing materials and extra work depending on how much time it takes.

Please remember that we cannot guarantee that the order is still changeable at this point.


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