Stop or cancel order

If you want to stop the order, the fastest way to do it is on the order page.

This button will stop the order unless the order status is SHIPPED. Then the order has already left the warehouse.

If the order status has changed to SHIPPED within the same day it might still be at the warehouse. Use the "Stop and require action" command and leave a comment why you need to stop the order.

Please remember that we cannot guarantee that the order is still changeable at this point.


Read more about outgoing shipments and order status.


Select a reason to stop the order from the dropdown menu.

You can write questions or other information on the comment field about why you need to stop the order.

If you need to change the products, write the product SKUs to be removed from the order, and what products are replacing them.

Or choose "Order must be cancelled if you need to cancel the whole order.