Plastfria frakter

Environmentally conscious consumers in online retail are growing every day, and ecommerce websites must keep up and commit to a positive social and environmental impact in order to satisfy them. People in general, are more sensitive to the effect their actions have on the wellbeing of the planet than ever, and that has reached the online retail business. Greener options and practices can be the difference maker behind the decision of buying in a webstore in preference to another.

Now you can choose to use plastic free shipments in you OGOship shipments! This can be added to all of orders or to only some of them.

We will pack your products carefully into a cardboard box or a cardboard bag and use paper tape to close it. We will also add a "Plastic-free delivery" -flyer inside to promote your environmental awareness to your customer.

The service contains:

  • No plastics inside the shipment
  • Only cardboard and paper used
  • Paper tape
  • Flyer

Price: EUR 0.25 per shipment

Please note that this option is not applicable to EUR pallets or if the products require plastic wrapping. At the moment plastic free shipments are available on Tallinn warehouse and Gothenburg warehouse. Instructions how to activate PRO-services here.